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Why You Should Quit Your Job

It’s a dead end, the pay is dismal, you’re subject to someone else’s whims — and franchising offers a better path

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You should quit your job. Seriously.

You probably won’t. But you should.

Most of us hate our jobs. Well, OK, maybe we don’t hate them. But a lot of us find our jobs dull and dissatisfying, like a relationship that ran its course months or years ago but keeps hanging on from sheer force of habit.

Don’t we all deserve better? So why do we hang onto our crummy jobs?

A tech entrepreneur named Daniel Gulati recently wrote about this on the Harvard Business Review blog, and his conclusions were pretty interesting. It’s not so much that people unhappy in their jobs are afraid of unemployment, he writes; it’s more a complex mix of conditioning, fear of ridicule in a new venture (amplified by social media) and “premature optimization,” the tendency to be satisfied with small, accessible gains instead of throwing caution to the wind and going for the big payoff. (In other words, they’re afraid of unemployment.)

There’s another way, though, one that thousands of American workers are taking toward fulfilling and lucrative careers: franchise ownership.

Franchising is growing steadily, even in a lousy economy. The recent Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2012, prepared for the International Franchise Association by IHS Global Insight, projects the number of U.S. franchise establishments to increase by 13,928 and for the number of jobs to grow by about 168,000. Franchising’s economic output is expected to grow by five percent, from $745 billion to $782 billion. That’s astonishing growth.

Entrepreneurs are discovering how diverse franchising is, too; it goes way beyond food and hotels! The IFA report predicts strong increases from personal services (6.2 percent increase) and retail products and services (6.1 percent), and business services the highest in projected job growth at 3.6 percent. Driven professionals with a wide range of skills can thrive in franchising instead of stagnating in a dead-end corporate job.

For 25 years, FranNet has helped people realize their entrepreneurial dreams by matching them with the right franchise opportunities. FranNet, an international network of franchise consultants, plays franchise matchmaker by carefully evaluating our clients’ interests and goals and connecting them to top-rated franchises we’ve worked with for years.

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See Why Seattle is One of the 10 Best Cities to Start Your Own Business

Seattle may best be known as the birthplace of great coffee and as a city with exceptional amounts of rain. But, did you know that Seattle is also one of the 10 best cities for starting your own business?

Kiplinger took a look at cities across the U.S., ranking them by concentration of small businesses, track records of successful start-ups, number of patents issued and cost of living for entrepreneurs. Seattle stacks up well, with a metro population just under 3.5 Million the city is home to over 70,000 small businesses! Also in the city’s favor – living and business costs run 20% to 30% cheaper than other West Coast hubs, such as San Jose.

For Seattle residents thinking about starting their own business they can rest easier knowing they live in an entrepreneurial-friendly place. However, regardless of where you live or what type of business you want to start, going out on your own can be risky.

A franchised business puts you in control with growth options, greatly minimizes your risk and sets you up with the greatest chances for success. With over 3,000 franchise companies FranNet can help you find the one that is right for you and give you the help and advice you need to truly succeed.

Last Day to Sign Up: Free Workshop on Starting Your Own Business

Today is the last day to sign up for the free workshop on starting your own business. For a recap, you will learn proven strategies for starting your own business, while reducing the risks of going into business for yourself.

Event information:

  • Friday, January 27th from 1:00 to 3:00pm
  • Lake Oswego, Oregon

Here are some of the questions this workshop will answer:

•How do I assure my safety in a business and assure my chances of success?
•Are there good white collar, executive style franchises? It’s not just hamburgers, sandwiches and french fries any more.
•Can I stay in my job and get a business started?
•How do I find a business that I will really like and how do I get the facts before I buy!
•Is financing available?
•What types of franchises and businesses are available?

Questions? Contact Page Nicol at 503.534.3695 for more information, or check out our Facebook or Twitter. To sign up, click here.